I started my education wanting to be a journalist to use my passion for writing. Then, I discovered art and acquired an Associates of Arts from Ohio University. Growing older and wanting to make sure I could have a career, I went into computer technology. Ten years later, I work for a major network company in a call center taking calls for customer billing and technical support.

This job has a stagnant career progression mostly because my focus is on my five kids. My youngest with autism takes majority of my attention. I wonder if I am in the wrong career path all together with very little time to paint or do other media; I have decided to go back to writing. This blog is an outlet for my love of writing and journalism.

I have two years before my youngest is in school full time and out of the window of early intervention. I am taking these two years to rediscover myself. Ensure when I go back to focusing on my career, I focus on the right path. Considering a new journey for my career altogether, I want to write about journeys others have taken in their life.

I am excited to get back to writing and share my words with you. A special thanks to WordPress and the WordPress Community for providing an outlet to get my words out to the world.  I hope that my blogs are interesting, insightful, and make you think a little. I welcome all comments, criticism and any or all emotional outburst.