I started my education wanting to use my passion for writing to become a journalist. Then, I discovered art and acquired an Associates of Arts from Ohio University. Growing older and wanting to make sure I could have a career, I went into computer technology. Ten years later, I find myself working in the field of Information Technology, still wanting more.

I split my focus amongst work and my five kids. My youngest, with autism, takes majority of my attention. Now, she is in school, I have decided to give a little focus to something I love, writing.

I have enjoyed taking the last two years to focus on my writing. My blog’s original theme was journalistic essays, that provided a juxtapose view of each other.  As I continue to move forward with my writing, I am being pulled towards fiction. I am taking a few months to re-organize my blog towards my new writing path.

I am excited to get back to writing fiction and sharing my words with you. I hope you find my writing interesting, insightful, and makes you feel a little more aware of others  around you. I welcome all comments, criticism and any or all emotional outbursts. A special thanks to WordPress and the WordPress Community for providing an outlet to get my words out to the world.