The Point

A little boy was strapped into a car seat dangling his feet behind his mom.  Birds chirped in the trees. Sweet memories of playing with his mom in the park popped in and out of his head. He sat there, patiently waiting for his mom. The merry go round squeaked through the doors carrying with it the sounds of other children. He wondered if today he would be able to meet a new friend. Noises of the people shuffling outside the car distracted him from thoughts of a grand adventure in the park. As he hears a musician playing an accordion passing, his patience waned. Unfortunately, the sounds of the park rushed away from the car as the rain began hard and suddenly. People outside rushed away from the park. Parents threw their kids on their hips and backs, running to their cars. The little boy and his mother sat perfectly still in the car. The roof of their car provided a landing place for the raindrops. They bounced and plopped against the roof. It was a beautiful musical symphony of Mother Nature. The little boy listened to the rainfall above his head.

It was the things he didn’t hear that horrified his life. He didn’t hear the point of the needle slide in through the skin of his young mother. He didn’t hear the plunger push the horse down into her veins. The sweet agony viciously stampeded through her veins. Now there was eerie peace in that car. Her mind settled as well as her breath. Her eyes closed and she faded into her seat. This was the moment that took away her son’s happiness. Her little baby boy sat behind her, once untouched by the pain the world has shed on his mother. He was only aware of the love she has showered on him. He worshipped the ground she walked on. The rain continued to fall around them. His little eyes followed the raindrops down from the top of their window to the bottom. Mesmerized by the rain, he started to fall asleep. As his eyes close, his mom’s breath was long and soft till there was no more air around her. There would be no more ground to worship. This was the last thing he would ever remember his mom. Their long nap in the rain would be their last memory together. A nap she would never wake up from. Steps away from a park she would never play in again with her son.

In those years after his mom’s death, he passed through foster homes of his small town never to far away from that park. You could find him alone on a bench alongside the parking lot of that day. The only place where they could still be together. He watched things grow and change around him as he sat there; however, he remained that little boy sitting in the car seat waiting for his mom to wake up. Over time the almost always empty community center was turned into an arcade. He sat and listened to the synthesizers, chipper chiptunes and the ski balls’ dings and pings. He put his head down missing the sounds of the birds and the screech of the merry go around. The noise of the arcade brought him pain as it echoed around his head. Customary to the town, the arcade faded. It was boarded up.  His head was still heavy and ached with pain. The park decayed around him. The metal fence clamored and banged as those like his mother came and went. Still he sat there, hearing the birds chirping again brought him back into the car with his mother. A sadness swept over him and he missed the noise of the arcade. He wanted a distraction so much from the weight of his pain that he could almost hear the old arcade. His head and his eyes lifted up to make sure his ears were not deceiving him. Sure enough, the arcade was still boarded up trapping in all the happy memories. He stood up and walked over to the parking space where he and his mom took a nap many years ago. The heaviness of being the only one to wake up that day held him in place. He stood there and stared down at that parking spot as the world spun around him. Eventually, the park was reborn. The arcade became a family restaurant a place where happy memories were created once again. People came and went around him as he stood there never changing. A little boy still asleep with his loving mom.


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