OUR President & HIS supporters

In between the Women’s March and the March for Science, there was the March for Trump. Hundreds of marches occurred across the country some small and some large on March the 4th of 2017. They gathered to show support for our newly elected President. Most of the marches were peaceful; however, some were met with counter protest. Some of those clashes resulted in violence.  The resistance to the Trump administration has resulted in millions of people across the world taking to the streets before, during and after the March for Trump.

“I wish the protesters will let him do his job and just give him a chance” – Amy

Amy, from Pennsylvania, is a passionate supporter of candidate turned President Donald Trump. She believes he is the change the United States needs, so she rallied to support him in Bristol Pennsylvania on March the 4th.  Amy attended not only the rally in Bristol but also the 100th-day celebration two hours away in Harrisburg. As she talks about traveling the state of Pennsylvania to show her support for our president, she emphasizes the word ‘our’.  Amy stood with the diverse crowd on April the 29th praying and reciting the pledge of allegiance. Our country is currently at odds with racism and religious equality. There in that moment, as she stands with Hispanics, African Americans, members of our military and bikers, those problems do not exist. The camaraderie of seven thousand people coming together to celebrate the first 100 days of the new administration was an everlasting memory for Amy.


Camaraderie went well beyond Pennsylvania. 2,732 miles away Deborah Pauly, a California Conservative Activist, proudly participated in the March for Trump with hundreds of other like-minded Americans of all ages. Together in their very best red, white and blue outfits, they march around the Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley, California.  Deborah marched not only to support President Trump but also to bring attention to new taxes, especially a new gas tax, being pushed through in her already high-taxed state of California. She stated the new taxes are being used to plug budget holes created by massive giveaways to non-citizens.

“We are hopeful that with President Trump in office, he will be able to bring to bear on the illegal usurpation” –Deborah


Photo Credit Deborah


Deborah has been a conservative activist for about fifteen years. She is not new to getting out and getting involved in the political process. For another Trump supporter, John, he was very new to being politically involved.

“The Florida rally was my first time going to any political rally.” – John

John loved the whole experience of seeing candidate Trump defying all the odds to become President Trump. He has gone to both the Florida rally and the Inauguration. John traveled more than 914 miles across the East Coast to celebrate with President Trump for winning.  There were several reasons why Trump was able to overcome the odds.  One reason is new voters, like John, came out and voted for President Trump.  Trump and Pence received forty percent of the vote from first-time voters. The most significant reason President Trump was able to overcome the odds against him was the missing voters from 2012 surfaced to help President Trump. Those missing voters really helped out in swings states like Florida, where John rallied for Trump and Pennsylvania, where Amy marched. In Florida, those missing voters were part of the additional 440,000 more votes than candidate Romney got in 2012.

“In red county after red county, Trump did better than Romney did in 2012” – Michael Cohan Columnist for Boston Globe 

Michael Cohan was writing about Pennsylvania, which was significant because it has voted Democrat since 1992. Of course, President Trump got a little help from those solid Republican states like Arizona.



Photo Credit Brandy


Brandy a Phoenix resident has marched and rallied several times over for President Trump. Her first rally was when then-candidate Trump came to Phoenix Arizona for the first time. This moment stood out for her in her political journey with President Trump because she was on the stage behind him. She has been behind him ever since.



Now, President Trump is on one of the biggest stages, the world stage. The world looks on to the Republican’s newcomer. President Trump follows after the Democrat’s newcomer President Obama. These newcomers with little to no political experience now part of our history. America continues to traverse new ground in a never ending experiment.


Leave us a comment below if you think the experiment is working or not for The United States. 



  1. Thank you for a good, honest article. All we want or need from the opposition is a chance for Trump to do what we elected him to do… the same chance that Obama was given. Yes, we opposed Obama and his policies. We voiced and marched our opposition to him and that is every American’s right… even now with Trump. What we didn’t do was riot, destroy property and assault our fellow Americans (and even animals) like a pack of rabid dogs. That is nobody’s right and should be condemned by all civilized, intelligent people. If I could go through 8 years of watching Obama tearing apart our work and moral ethics while welcoming the dregs of other countries to freely invade us without physically harming anything or anyone, I’m pretty sure that the opposition can be intelligent and mature enough to do the same for the next 8 years with Trump in charge. After all, as Americans we must all remember that ‘United We Stand. Divided We Fall.’

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  2. I couldn’t stand to watch the protest during the Inauguration. I have a lot of Liberal readers and I hope they can find a personal connection to our fellow country men and women who supported Trump. Maybe we can narrow the devide.

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  3. Romney was a joke calling himself a republican. Trump gets slightly closer to the mark and did better. Now if they could only realize that maybe a real true conservative could have a chance I would love it. Of course, there are still way too many rinos in Congress as has been seen by the ridiculous Obamacare light bills they keep trying to pass.


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