The 44 Year Long March for Life

           A few months ago, the United States and other countries joined together for the Women’s March on January the 21st. There is no deny the magnitude of the Women’s March; however, there were many women who felt left out. Largely these women were pro-life supporters who helped elect President Trump.

“SBA List has spent the last year talking to voters in battleground states – directly at their doors and through hard-hitting mail and digital ads – and laying the groundwork for pro-life victories tonight.” – Marjorie Dannenfelser President of Susan B. Anthony List statement on November the 8th

The more conservative March for Life just a few days later should feel no need to compare themselves to the liberal Women’s March. For forty-four years, the March for Life has brought millions of pro-life supporters to Washington D.C. This does not count in the thousands of pro-life demonstrations held throughout the United States. This year alone there were 217 March for Life events across 45 states.

Photo Credit Jennifer

Jennifer from Buffalo, Wyoming was a pro-life marcher showing solidarity over eighteen hundred miles away from Washington, DC. In this small town of five thousand, Jennifer marched for the first time with almost thirty people. She was surrounded by other people who were open and willing to talk about what being pro-life means to them.

“I marched because I believe in life, life at all stages. Life in the womb to death. God created everyone with a purpose and meaning. We should respect those lives. I do not believe in the death penalty either, so I marched for all lives, because every life matters!” – Jennifer

The pro-life movement has been stereotyped as anti-abortion; however, from the start, it has fought not only against abortions but also euthanasia, assisted suicide, and other aspects of life. Pro-life organizations tend to prioritize abortions because of the significantly high rate of abortions. In 2013, there were over six hundred thousand abortions.

“With extremely limited resources, we mostly keep our focus on fighting abortion in particular, following the advice once given by Frederick the Great: He who attacks everywhere attacks nowhere.” – John Jansen from Pro-Life Action League

This year with the Vice President at the March of Life there was more media coverage than ever. The major media outlets divided their attention between the long standing more conservative pro-life organizations to those who share both pro-life and liberal views. Bring to light the ever-increasing diversity in the pro-life movement. Pro-life is expanding outside of conservative republicans. The Democrats for Life is a pro-life organization going beyond the anti-abortion policies. They have many similar beliefs to
their conservative counterparts but include opposition to capital punishment, poverty, genocide, and all other injustices that directly and indirectly threaten human life.

“The pro-life movement is incredibly diverse. Don’t believe the stereotypes.
People from all walks of life are coming together to defend human life and dignity. Let’s keep working to build a bigger, broader coalition” –Democrats for Life

Photo Credit DFLA

Before the rise of pro-life feminist, there were just pro-life supporters who have been marching since the ruling of Roe versus Wade. The march for life started out with ten thousand and they marched till there were hundreds of thousands to millions all over the United States. The un-diminishable dedication of those who march is admirable. Mary a teenager has marched in Washington D.C. as well as in Annapolis, Maryland for almost a decade.

“I have been going to the March for Life since I was 8 and I am 16 now.” – Mary

This year Mary not only marched but celebrated a hard-won fight by the pro-life movement. She and tens of thousands marched on the national mall to hear Kellyanne Conway Counselor to the President of the United States and Vice President Pence speak. The two celebrated their win with pro-life constituents that helped get them to the White House.

Over two thousand miles away, four days earlier, thousands attended an annual March for Life in Olympia, Washington. On the other side of the United States, Mark Hargrove 47th district Washington State Representative was a speaker at the 39th Washington State March for Life. This year the march was full of hope for possible new anti-abortion legislative coming from the federal government. These possible new laws would include defunding Planned Parenthood and most likely follow the lead of many states’ 20-week abortion ban. In the same election year that brought us President Trump, South Carolina, Ohio, and South Dakota all passed laws banning abortions after 20 weeks based on medical evidence a baby can feel pain even in the womb. The state of Washington doesn’t

Photo Credit Representative Hargrove

currently, have these types of restrictive abortion laws. As Representative Mark Hargrove waited his turn to speak, Senator Mark Miloscia saidPlease keep up what you were doing. And with the new president and the new administration, there is hope, hope, finally.

“My favorite memory was the singing led by Representative Brad Klippert” – Mark Hargrove Washington State Representative

As thousands stood on the steps of the capital building in Olympia, Washington, they burst into song. The voices of those singing ‘America, the Beautiful ‘  drowned out the pro-choice protesters in the background. Their voices carry from sea to shining sea as the pro-life movement tries to sway our country towards being more anti-abortion.

The anti-abortion sentiment carries beyond our ocean borders. There are annual anti-abortion marches in several other countries. Over ten thousand miles away across lands and oceans Damian, an Australian, marched with thousands of Australians, in February for Brisbane’s annual March for Life. This year it had a couple of major differences from the United States.

“It was special this year. There were two private member bills before parliament to completely decriminalize abortion right up to the moment of birth. It was a pivotal moment when politicians stepped out from behind the banner to lead the parade.” – Damian

There are at least twenty other countries consistently rallying for life. There is a March for Life UK partially inspired by the March for Life in the United States. This year the UK is expecting thousands of pro-life supporters to gather in May. Belgium had their annual March for Life on March the 26th. In Belgium, they march in silence to honoring those who have been deprived forever of the right to speak.

Back in the United States, pro-life supporters continue to march. On March the 4th, there was a small Walk for Life at a local county courthouse.  Handfuls of people join with Brenda, an owner of a local charity, to be the voice for the unborn babies in rural southern Ohio.

“At conception, they are living and no one has the right to kill them.” – Brenda

In the United States, Pro-life supporters continue to march all year round. They march in large rallies like the Annapolis Maryland march that Mary, our teenager who shared with us her dedication to the March for Life, will be attending soon. To the small local marches like the one, Jennifer from Wyoming attended this January or Brenda from Ohio attended in March. This is a movement with no end in sight. There is a pro-life march anywhere in the world at any given time.

There is a pro-life march anywhere in the world at any given time.




  1. I really like how your reporting is fair and unbiased. I appreciate how you show that there are many sides to being pro-life and how it’s not just about abortion.


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