Special Election Day Post


The election is today. Activists have hit the pavement collected votes. Protesters marched through the streets. Year of 2016 brought Americans so much to worry about from Zika to ISIS. How much do we know about all these important issues piling up on us?

10 important issues impacting American life that Americans have not grasped by the election day:

num1Our Government: With a Nation set to vote for their next president, we are bombarded with political advertisements. News stations are broadcasting information about the election around the clock. Annenberg Public Policy Center sampled Americans two years ago and founded many of us don’t know much about our government. It may be surprising to know more than 60% of Americans don’t know who has the majority of US senate and House of Representatives. 35% percent of Americans could not name all three government branches.  

num2Aleppo: Hillary and Trump took up most of the airtime; however, in September, Morning Joe, an MSNBC morning talk show, gave some air time to our country’s Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. In response to a question about Aleppo, Syria, he responded: “What is Aleppo”.  Twitter went crazy. The truth is most Americans don’t know “What is Aleppo”.   Pew Research Center found only half of Americans could find Syria on a map. Even more interesting, 66% of people polled by Huffington Post and YouGov didn’t even know Gary Johnson was running for President.  There was a huge Google Search spike on the word Aleppo after Johnson’s gaffe; at least now, Americans know “What is Aleppo”. 

num3ISIS: Americans are aware of ISIS and terrorism in general. In fact, 79% of Americans believe a terrorist attack is ‘likely’ or ‘somewhat likely’ per a New York Times/CBS News Poll. LifeWay Research found 27% of Americans believe ISIS represents Islam. Research has shown Muslim countries, outside of Syria, have less than 15% of the population favoring ISIS.  Pew Research Center found Nigeria has 14% favor-ability to ISIS. Pakistan has 9% favor-ability to ISIS; however, Lebanon has less than 1% favor-ability.

num4Medical Malpractice: Americans rated health care as the 10th most important problem in 2016 Gallop Poll; whereas, Terrorism was rated above health care as the 6th most important problem. As the majority of us concern themselves with terrorism, they are more likely to die of medical malpractice.  The most recent patient-safety study by Dr. Martin Makary and Dr. Michael Daniel says the 3rd leading cause of death is medical errors. There are some who dispute the numbers; however, there is no disputing heath care is a major concern for Americans.  

num5Zika: Now, Zika is an American Virus with 105 locally acquired cases in Florida as of October the 5th per the CDC. A Harvard Study showed Americans don’t understand this virus or symptoms. 20% didn’t know the virus can be transmitted from mother to baby. On the other hand, some people believe the virus would affect future pregnancies. Jose Esparza of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, President of Global Virus Network said at recent conference “We don’t know the future course of the epidemic of Zika, but we have to be prepared for the virus to be present for years.”

num6Climate Change: Some researchers believe that climate change is behind the spread of Zika to the United States. Climate Change directly affects vector diseases due to increasing tick and mosquito activity. In 2015, CDC researchers wrote about increase Lyme disease, “Over time, the number of counties identified as having high incidence of Lyme disease in the northeastern states increased more than 320 percent”. The National Survey on Energy and Environment reported there was a drop from 70% to 66% of Americans who believe in global warming.  On the 2016 Gallop Poll, only about 1% of Americans rated environmental issues as the most important problem to the United States. In the same year, Louisiana hit it’s all time high in flooding causing over 8 billion dollars of damage.

num7Black Lives Matter: Believe it or not there are fewer people who believe there is not enough evidence to confirm climate change than there are who have never heard of Black Lives Matter. There are 15% of people who believe ‘not enough evidence’ to confirm climate change per the National Survey on Energy and Environment. Pew Research Center reported 30% of people in the US have not heard of Black Lives Matter Movement. This is hard to believe since #blacklivematter has inundated our social media.

num7Civil Rights Movement: The Black Lives Matter movement and anti-transgender bathroom laws have brought up concerns about civil rights in America. Civil rights movement is a cornerstone of American history; however, Americans can’t speak to more than Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Southern Poverty Law Center found that 16 states did not even require the topic to be covered in schools. John Blake from CNN wrote “We treat the movement like broccoli; it’s good for us, were told, but we shove it aside on our plates when no one is looking”

num9Detroit School Systems: While the Detroit school system is literally decaying, 48% of Americans are ‘completely/somewhat satisfied’ with the quality of the United States educational system K-12 per a Gallup Poll in 2014. 29% of Americans polled had a ‘great deal / quite a lot of confidence’ in Americans public schools. Although Michigan and their Detroit school systems are the worst examples, Pennsylvania with a multi-million-dollar budget shortfall are not far behind. Believe it or not, Michigan and Pennsylvania are not the worst school systems. New Mexico, Louisiana and our Nation’s Capital the District of Columbia is rated the worst school systems by our newest research from WalletHub.

num10North Dakota Pipeline: It may be surprising 30% of Americans haven’t heard of Black Lives Matter movement. Not surprisingly, Americans haven’t heard the North Dakota Pipeline protest. Major Media is almost completely silent regarding the protest of the pipeline. Nexis News data shows ABC and NBC had not broadcast any word about the pipeline as of September 22nd. If we don’t know about the pipeline protest, we don’t know about the two Utah Congressman proposed a bill that turns 26% of tribe land into oil/drill zones.



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