My Husband The Socialist

My husband and I met working through an outsourced call center. Cheap labor in cubicles leashed to headsets. Our love blossomed sneaking away for secret meetings.

Both of us succeed in this world of profits and efficiency over quality and career development. Nine years later, we find ourselves with five kids working directly within Corporate America. We are comfortably struggling. Mistakes and poor decisions lead us down the road of working poor; however, our older selves making better decisions moves us closer towards the middle class.

On this new journey towards the middle class,  we find ourselves searching for something meaningful to grasp. I have created this blog as an outlet of my former journalistic dreams. My husband explored meditation, Buddhism, and politics. During this time of exploration, here comes Bernie Sanders.


His life since meeting me, his now wife, has been such a journey within itself. A conservative soldier to a moderate Democrat transformed to a liberal supporter for his brother in law to be during the Occupy Movement. Five years later, it is not a far stretch to have my husband support a ‘Democratic Socialist’. 

Friends & Family at an Occupy Rally

As the Occupy movement faded away, Bernie Sanders was there to fill the void. His campaign highlighted inequality of wealth and policies to build the middle class made sense to my husband. Our family searching for the right turns to take us to middle class found Bernie.


Bernie was going to bring about social based policies like free college to end the endless cycle of debt for education. The United States would rebuild the middle class out of working class and inevitably reduce poverty. We were going to get money out of politics so the 1%  voice would grow softer. Our voice, the voices of the poor, working and middle class could get louder. Supporting Bernie lead my husband to find a group called Socialist Alternative. Shortly after finding this group, like Occupy movement, the Bernie Sanders movement faded away. We lost to the loudest voice, the 1%.

My husband was left with Socialist Alternative. This group was supporting more than a man. They were supporting the Fight for 15, Black Lives Matter and independent socialist or progressive candidates for office amongst other things. He came off the beaten path to search out socialism.

“30 years ago, the standard comedy program was a wonderfully intact family…The father goes out to work. The mother waits at home with a big smile on her face and all of them have dinner with the dog. Today, we turn on the TV and what do you see? A couple that can’t stand each other, haven’t had sex with each other so long they forgot what it was like. They don’t know their children and we laugh with recognition of the dissolution of the family. This is a family so freaked out, so worked up, so anxiety ridden; they don’t go to political meetings. Since, they don’t participate, they don’t pay attention. Of course 30 years later, the masses, the working people have withdrawn from politics…”

Richard Wolf said this at The Brecht Forum in 2012 in his lecture Crisis and Openings: Introduction to Marxism. It hit home with my husband. Being a super fan of “The Simpsons”, a family who is described perfectly by Wolf, my husband sees himself as one of many who checked out laughing at his hero Homer. He decided to check back into politicsIt wasn’t just this lecture but all the information put out by Richard Wolf who is the co-founder of Democracy at Work that was my husband’s AHA moment“. Wolf and the staff of Democracy at Work produce regular videos about democratizing the workplace. Encouraging co-op work environments versus the capitalist structure. My husband, inspired by Wolf, has a whole new journey ahead of him. It all started out as something to grasp a hold of during our mundane journey to middle class. Now my husband is an active and participating socialist.

Standing strong with his fellow Socialist Alternative comrades, they will be fighting for issues to help create a socialist United States and a socialist world by participating movements like Fight for 15, Black Lives Matter, and eventually the fight to seize the means of production.







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